To do or to have?

We cannot buy our most valuable assets with money – family, friends, health, time – this much is true. While there are countless studies in psychology that show that experiences contribute more to happiness than material things, I understand why buying things makes us happy….it has nothing to do with the things we buy, but rather the experience it provides us. In this day & age we humans are inclined to accumulate wealth, it gives us a sense of stability…understandably so…how are we to get by on hugs & kisses alone?…the more money we have, the happier we are right? Wrong! Why? because the more we have, the more we want…human eyes are never satisfied – Proverbs 27:20. The problem arises when we spend most of our focus on the wealth itself & then buy things we don´t need to impress people who don´t care, giving us a false sense of who we are. I agree with Forrest Gump´s mom when she said: “There is only so much fortune a man really needs, the rest is just for showing off.” By all means if you work you deserve the fruit of your labor, it´s shifting your focus on what´s really important what I´m talking about.

“Until you make peace with who you are, you´ll never be content with what you have”-Doris Mortman

We can certainly be rich in ways that have nothing to do with money. I couldn’t assign any level of importance to the things I´ve owned, as opposed to the things I´ve experienced. I vividly remember my first day of school, the way I felt when my mother took me to see my first movie at the cinema (it was Back to the Future BTW, my favorite movie to this day), how my heart was pounding when I had my first kiss (on the lips of course), the way I felt when I held my children for the first time, even the way I feel while I´m reading my favorite books & listening to my favorite music. There is no way I could assign a price tag to all these wonderful experiences. Of course you need money to buy the movie ticket, pay for school, buy the books & radio/computer to listen to music. But it´s never about the object….it´s all about the experience.

I continually work to build up my repertoire of fond memories & wonderful experiences. For me being with my family & friends, music, reading good books, praying & having deeply thoughtful conversations, among other things, hold the most amazing & profound memories. What makes you come alive…what inspires you?

“Go out into the world & work like money doesn´t matter..sing as if no one is as if you have never been hurt..& dance as if no one is watching” – Victor Hugo

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2 Responses to To do or to have?

  1. Sure, glad you agree I truly believe that: “people were created to be loved & things were created to be used, but the problem with the world is that things are being loved & people are being used” or so the quote says 🙂

  2. susserative says:

    I agree!
    It sounds like you’ve got your priorities straight even if it is at odds with what society is telling us at times. I might just being saying this because I agree though. 🙂

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