Status Quo … not an Option

What holds us back from change?… fear?… idleness?… bewilderment? in most cases is all of the above. Status Quo provides an illusion of control or at very best, security. The major problem with Status Quo is not when we are content, but when we are uneasy with our current life situation (normally on an unconscious level) & yet we do nothing about it, sometimes even if we could. In most cases, the fear of the unknown & learned helplessness is what makes us (falsely) believe that we are better off just the way we are. As you all might know: “The key to change…is to let go of fear”- Rosanne Cash

If you are not broken, yet you are less than satisfied with your life, ask yourself: “Is this really the way I want to live my life…less than satisfied?” Hopefully the answer is no & if it is so, ask yourself another big huge question: “What is it that I want?” The fear of the things we do not want to face may appear, creating more fear. However, by exploring these questions (deep down in your soul) you will be able to loosen up the grip of fear. Why we feel the way we feel is something we often don´t understand, we have to search deep to find out why our emotions are sometimes not in harmony with our thoughts of what we know is right.

“The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide you are not going to stay where you are”- John Pierpoint

What fear does to us so brilliantly, is that it can pull us back to our safe place A.K.A. comfort zone & it is our duty to relieve ourselves from that situation. Procrastination is public enemy number one when it comes to change. There are many factors that contribute to procrastination: laziness (so why start?),  fear of failure (so why bother?), perfectionism (so why finish?),  etc. Oh, and another thing about procrastination, never wallow on former accomplishments, they will not necessarily predict future ones. I commend you to list all your complications (excuses) for change.

Human beings are naturally resistant to change, because we often think too much about what we have to give up rather than gain. Status Quo literally means: “current state of affairs” Whether we like it or not, change is bound to happen; whether we do something about it or not, change will unequivocally occur.

“We are not human beings on a spiritual journey…we are spiritual beings on a human journey”- Stephen Covey

To rise above fear it is essential for us to have a spirit, heart & mindset of openness, which will allow ourselves to trust what is & what will be, once we start our journey to change. When we are closed, we are limited in our capacity to move beyond the things, ideas, situations or people that holds us captive. I strongly recommend to put all your fears, doubts, sorrows, closed heart, etc. in the precious hands of God, for He will lead the way in the best possible manner. With our thoughts & emotions being so capricious, fleeting & ever changing it´s no wonder how we get into so much trouble on the first place, hence, we are not to be trusted. Let us put our trust in The One who understands us best.

Another great reason we restrain ourselves from change is the fear of success….say what? yes, you heard me….fear of success…but that doesn´t make any sense. We all want to be successful…right? yes…so how can we fear it, then? There are many reasons as to why we may fear success, for starters it involves risk, we are terrified of getting our hopes high, just to see them crumble into pieces. Secondly, we might see success as a threat of interpersonal relationships, whereas if we are successful others might envy us & our social life becomes caput! Thirdly, we may lack belief or love for ourselves, people who don´t trust or love themselves ask the question: “Who am I to be successful?” I ask: “Who are you NOT to be successful?” The possibilities that arise in experiencing a positive change will discredit fear, therefore we will become more inclined to accept change as a normal & unchangeable pattern in life. Tip: When you pray, vision yourself in a position of success disregarding the outcome, because everything that comes out of sincere praying is success. Once you are ready for change, breath deeply & (as my favorite slogan says) JUST DO IT!

“One day everything will be well, that is our hope. Everything’s fine today, that is our illusion”- Voltaire

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3 Responses to Status Quo … not an Option

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  2. Hi Tessa!! I appreciate you comment & you are right, we have to take the plunge, even if we don´t land on our feet there is always the gift of a lesson! As it turns out, we also are affraid of showing our vulnerability (which is another reason why we resist to change) we as a society, have to learn to be authentic & let go of what we think we should be (normally to others) to embrace who we really are…in order for positive change to take place in our lives. Be well, cheers!!

  3. Tessa says:

    Love it… I think definitely one of the greatest fears is that of success. It is the fear of trying and failing or risking too much or risking too little. We just have to dive, try and land on our feet. Besitos!!

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