Time: Does it favor or hinder you?

Have you ever thought of the effect that your relationship with time has in your life? Did you know that the way you approach time has a huge impact on your health & well being. I bet you do. We all do and yet, as with many things in life, we just let it pass in the hopes that it will get better with “time” ironically.

I don´t know about you, but I´m the type of person who´s always rushing, always (while doing something) thinking of my next move to “save time”; who´s always on time, forever annoyed with slow-paced folks & cranky with belated ones; etc. But at some point I came to a halt & began questioning myself: “Why am I always in a bustle?” “What am I trying to avoid?” “Who on earth am I chasing?” Never having a clear answer I´m currently learning to stop & smell the roses, trying to take my life in strides & deeply absorbing the moment, whether enticing or unpleasant. I´ve even come to appreciate the unhurried.

“Time is an equal opportunity employer. Each human being has exactly the same number of hours & minutes everyday. Rich people can´t buy more hours. Scientists can´t invent new minutes. And you can´t save time to spend it on another day”- Denis Waitley

If you´re like me, change is possible…awareness is the first step, desire is the next. Over time I´ve come to realize that the more aware I am & the more strongly I experience things…the more fully I live & the greater time I have in my hands – ironically– as opposed to always rushing through things.

We can examine our relationship with time in terms of how we deal with our past, present and future & our level of presentness, so to speak.

When we dwell on past wounds & live out of past glories, all the while accepting our belief systems based on personal history, we are not welcoming positive change. If we choose to live our lives worrying about future situations, anxiously anticipating the worst, we then disable our capacity to act. We, thus, react. By rushing through things, hurrying to go places, being impatient, etc. we are leading ourselves to our emotional demise.

Putting ourselves in autopilot with our present time, by being briefly awake to both our inner & outer world, thus, going where the wind takes us, is not an option. Because that would mean we are rejecting our present reality & living in denial. How could that ever be a positive influence to our present & future?

We then must consciously choose to be present, active with the time God has given us. We should use our past experiences to confront our ever present challenges. We shall not let ourselves become trapped in the status quo. By being fully aware we become open to all the great opportunities/possibilities time can bring us.

“Time & experience are great teachers. God allows time so we can gain experience with the hopes of bettering our lives. We have the duty to be present with our time & grateful with our experience”– qualia for life

And so I ask: Does time favor or hinder you?

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2 Responses to Time: Does it favor or hinder you?

  1. Hello Marianne, I´m glad you liked it…it was a treat reading your article as well. I so love the concepts of being one´s self, gratitude, happiness, passion, love, etc. My undying love for God gives me the strength, vision, passion, etc. to try & make the best out of life…I´ll keep reading your blog….cheers 😀

  2. Marianne says:

    Great article, Melissa!
    I have a new perspective on time. It doesn’t mean what it use to. I don’t get stressed out about time anymore. Time is less and less important to me now.
    Thanks for visiting my blog and introducing me to yours. 🙂

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