Make it a Point to be Spontaneous

While most of the time we know – intuitively or not – what we want to do or have in our lives, we often find ourselves drawn to look outside for permission to pursue it. God is within us & from that stand point we should be looking inwardly not outwardly for answers. Opinions are everywhere, they will never cease no matter who we choose to become.

We have to learn to cut the obligation cords that are driven by guilt or duty when it comes to honest relationships. Spontaneity & authenticity go hand in hand (or at least they should) & do wonders for improving relationships. Remember there is always going to be people who will dislike who you are pretending to be & others who will dislike you for being who you truly are…I´d choose the latter. Case in point…the phrase “I love you”…it has a weight of responsibility, if we are not able to meet it, it is best to restrain ourselves from saying it…people will know the difference. “Let love be genuine…” Romans 12:9






The idea that we have to conform to someone else’s idea of perfect before we’re “allowed” to make our own decisions is ridiculous & a total waste of energy. Spontaneity makes our own selves come alive & it´s more about trusting our intuition rather than taking thoughtless & impulsive actions. Have you ever notice that the funniest things are spontaneous? Why? Because they reveal much of our spirit which is something we delight in seeing, given it´s so rare. We are so used to putting masks on that when a glimpse of good-natured spirit is revealed, we thrive on it.

“Once we believe in ourselves, we can risk curiosity, wonder, spontaneous delight, or any experience that reveals the human spirit”- E.E. Cummings

Give yourself permission to:

  • not finish reading a boring book
  • eat your favorite junk food from time to time
  • feel worthy
  • check your personal email whenever you want
  • laugh out loud
  • give belated gifts if you don´t find the right one on time
  • make mistakes
  • say “I love you” first
  • grieve
  • eat pancakes for lunch
  • be amazing
  • steer clear from people who diminish your positive vibe
  • be-you-tiful
  • feel under the weather
  • so on & so forth

What do these statements have in common?…They won´t hurt you or anyone else. They might raise an eyebrow or two. That´s the beauty of spontaneity, it will connect you to your core being without deliberately hurting anyone else.

Often times we are looking for what´s best for us as opposed of what we need. It´s a matter of choice. Giving myself permission allows me to shift my mindset from what I think I should do, to choosing what is right for me, thus, empowering me to make wiser choices for myself. When I say “give myself permission” I´m not talking about allowing myself to do whatever I want, whenever I want. It´s finding a connection between being in harmony with my true self & my Holy Spirit, thus, doing whatever, whenever I want will NOT let me be truly happy.

Are you  “making it a point” to be spontaneous?

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2 Responses to Make it a Point to be Spontaneous

  1. Melissa says:

    Amen to that!! I´m glad you related to this post Juan & yes if we are at peace with God & with who we are why should we care about what anybody thinks? Those who truly like you are going to like you just the way you are……so let´s make it a point to be our spontaneous selves 😉

  2. Juan says:

    Being spontaneous is a delight we have to enjoy. It refreshes the heart. Being one self is a must in a relatioship because between heaven and earth nothing can stay hidden forever. That is why we have to be who we truly are from the very beggining. Minute one.
    Relationships aside, we can’t hide who we are from God, He knows us. So if we are at peace with him by being who we truly are…we shouldn’t bother or waste our time stressing out for what other people might think of us. Like you said…there will always be likes and dislikes…

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