In my Daughter’s Eyes

“You are not here to live out my dreams for me. I’ve had my dreams, some of them have come true & some of them haven’t. But they’ve been my dreams. You have your own. Have them, cherish them & never let go of them.”- Elizabeth Noble

God, experience & my mom have tought me many a thing I wish to pass on to my daughter. Hopefully one day I will make a book & give it to her. For now, I will share with you the things I would like her to know during my time & after I’m gone:

1. Embrace your individuality. Love who you are. I’ve always loved you for you.

2. Love & trust The Lord. It’s the best deal you can make.

3. Read. It makes yourself useful even when you think you’re not.

4. Let a strong character be a part of who you are. Character is not how we act when life goes the way we plan it, character is how we act when our life is so far off from our ideal.

5. Know that your lowest moments are your highest opportunities.

6. Honor your name & be brave. Remember princess Merida from the movie “Brave”? (you used to think you were her).

7. Focus on inner beauty in both yourself & others. It’s the real deal!

8. Humility is not thinking less of yourself, it’s thinking of yourself less. We can only be truly humble if we feel really good about ourselves & want to help others do the same. 1 Peter 5:5,6

9. Follow your instincts not your impulses. Self-restraint is a fruit of The Spirit. Practice it. Galatians 5:23

10. Always give a strong handshake & a kind gaze.

11. Gossip needn’t be false to be harmful. Steer clear of those who practice it.

12. Find your purpose, if in doubt, ask God & pursue it with all your might. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, they’re your learning tools.

13. On your saddest moments, always remember: “This too shall pass”

14. The fear of failure is what makes us fail. Don’t give in to fear.

15. Be your best friend. Treasure friendship with others.

16. Tell those you love that you love them. Don’t assume that they already know.

17. Don’t return hurt with hurt. That’s God’s business. Romans 12:21

18. Know that as your mother I will make mistakes. But, also know that the love I have for you goes beyond my conscious self.

19. Smart is the new cool.

20. Love wholeheartedly. Don’t be afraid of heartache, even though it’s painful. If you choose not to love wholeheartedly you will miss out on so much. It’s not worth it.

21. Being vulnerable is not a sign of weakness, it’s a sign of strength of the highest order. I used to think that being emotionally independent was the way to go, but I realized that the only way to build true intimacy with God & others was through vulnerability.

22. People will let you down. God will never.

23. Cherish the moments you spend with your brother. When you leave the nest you will miss them dearly.

24. Walk your talk. Live by example. People’s lives speak louder than their words. Follow advice from people whose lives you can respect.

25. Eat dessert. Everyday if possible.

26. Wait till you get married. You won’t regret it. He who truly loves you shall wait.

27. Embrace some form of art. Whether it’s music, painting, writing, dancing, exercise, sport or what not. It’s absolutely liberating.

28. Cut your hair short. If you want.

29. Go to bed early, wake up early.

30. Don’t look down on people, but right next to them. They’re made in the image of God just as yourself. Romans 12:16

31. Be feminine but don’t make your appearance your priority. Cultivate your inner self so you can glow naturally on your outer self. 1 Timothy 2:9-10

32. Spend time with yourself everyday. Listen to your thoughts & meditate. You’d be surprised of all the benefits you’ll reap.

33. Do not try to please everyone. It is futile. Try, instead, to do good & please yourself. Those who love you will be pleased too.

34. ALWAYS value people over things.

35. Be grateful for everything. Yes, even the hard stuff for it has amazing lessons.

36. Never cease in purposeful learning. Become proficient at something, anything worth your while. Also strive to amplify your general knowledge of things.

37. A breakdown is just another name for a spiritual awakening.

38. Never feel guilty of moving away from me. Travel. Explore. Discover. The world is your oyster.

39. Be as authentic as possible. It’s the best attribute you can give to the world. Smiling is nice but it doesn’t always come easy. People can tell the difference between a real smile & a fake one. Instead of adjusting your smile to your feelings, adjust your feelings to your smile so it can always be authentic!

40. Don’t buy out of impulse. Take care of your money.

41. Let patience & prayer be your coping mechanisms. Stay away from crutches such as: smoking, bingeing, drinking (alcohol), taking drugs, overspending & the likes.

42. Exercise a lot. Read to exercise your mind. Pray to exercise your spirit. Laugh to exercise your soul. Do physical exercise for your body. And eat chocolate for all of the above.

43. Grieve when necessary but never give up.

44. Make it a point to pray & meditate everyday (on your knees when possible). It’s the best time ever spent.

45. Hold on to your inner child throughout your lifetime. As much as possible.

46. If you choose soccer over ballet, go for it. You can be good at anything you want. Don’t let society dictate what you should prefer. Listen to your inner voice.

47. Be kind & respectful to yourself. And others.

48. Always remember you are a miracle. Just as everybody else.

49. Don’t live by “The Law of Minimum Effort”. Never dismiss the value of hard work. It’s the essence of success.

50. Know that you have taught me more than I have taught you.

I know you learn best by example, that’s why I’m trying hard to live up to it.

I will teach you to fly,
but I will not fly your flight.
I will teach you to dream,
but I will not dream your dreams.
I will teach to live,
but I will not live your life.
in each flight,
in each dream,
in each life,
my footprint
will be forever engraved
in your heart – Mother Theresa

I love you with every thread of my being. I live my life in total amazement & gratitude of how God has blessed me by giving me you. I dedicate this song to you with all my heart. I sometimes tear up listening to it while thinking of you… for in your eyes I realize what life is all about,


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4 Responses to In my Daughter’s Eyes

  1. Melissa says:

    Will do… Love 🙂

  2. R.García says:

    Must record this blog post also (on camera), for Valeria to watch when she’s older!

  3. Melissa says:

    Will definitely do!!
    Much love,

  4. Rogelio F. García says:

    Best post so far, congratulations! Straight from the heart and true, very good.

    Now write one for our little boy.

    Much love,


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