52 things about me

On the eve of my first year as a blogger I decided to write 52 things about me, so that readers can know me a little bit better. Writing this post has been a soul searching attempt. It took me a while to figure “me” out, even in the small stuff. I wanted to make it absolutely legit… no fancy taglines here, just raw honesty. Surely I’m not done yet (it truly takes a lifetime to know oneself).

The purpose behind it is to get to know me better & share a bit about myself. Duh! Don’t I know me already? Well, the truth of the matter is that as evolving beings, we are in constant change (hopefully for the better) & I, for one, can’t keep up with myself so I have to think (real hard) about the things that no longer serve my purpose & the things that currently do. Thus, becoming fully aware of my likes & dislikes helps me deal with everyday life. Writing them down & sharing them is the next best thing I could think of. I urge you to try it, if not writing them down, think about them, you’ll be surprised about what you find out about yourself!


1. tend to cry very easily. Not sad cries. But during commercials, songs, etc., & for some strange reason I cry when I see corny stuff (surely, out of spite).

2. walk really fast, all the time.

3. truly enjoy my own company (being with myself).

4. LOVE to wear cloth & leather bracelets (more than gold ones).

5. can never get enough of caramel popcorn.

6. only eat what I like. Bar none. I’m kinda fussy when it comes to food & how it’s prepared.

7. love art work but can barely draw a stick figure.

8. don’t like to use a lot of makeup & think I will never go under the knife for beautifying purposes. I really appreciate natural beauty.

9. am really patient when it comes to the big stuff & desperately impatient when it comes to the small stuff.

10. often feel I have a lot of untapped potential.

11. make good friends easily & keep them (as long, of course, they wish to stay). Thus, I’m blessed with excellent, deep & intimate friendships.

12. am extremely fond of my childhood (which probably explains my love for the 80s, I guess).

13. take my comedy very seriously. I love to laugh. I love to make people laugh. My favorite movies have to include some sort of humor.

14. my favorite junk food is milk chocolate with nuts & raisins.

15. am much more (I cannot emphasize ‘much more’ enough) attracted to people by their personalities than by their looks.

16. have excellent long-term memory & poor short-term memory.

17. consider that my most accurate means of communicating is through writing. I sometimes feel that the pencil & keyboard have a life of their own.

18. absolutely love my skin color.

19. use… (the dots) & the ampersand… a lot… maybe improperly… but I don’t care.

20. have lived in England, USA, Spain, Costa Rica & Honduras (in this order).

21. enjoy cooking a lot, it relaxes me & eating my own cooked food even more so.

22. hug, kiss & tell my children how much I love them. Every. Single. Day. Ever since the day they were born (& if they aren’t with me, I ask God to tell them).

23. always acknowledge birthdays & my usual present (specially from afar) is a prayer.

24. love watching Back to the Future I & II over & over & over again.

25. hate to shop unless it’s with good company &/or shopping for books or stuff for my kids … oh & good conversation is a must!

26. j’adore reading a good book all curled up in my la-z-boy while my kids & husband are asleep. It doesn’t get any better than that at the end of a long day.

27. love my mom. I love how she had all the patience in the world with me when I was a kid (even more than I like to admit I have with my kids).

28. am not a two-faced, bootlicker & brown noser individual. Never have been & surely never will.

29. have an unquenchable thirst for learning, specially on subjects that interest me.

30. have a scrapbook of my life ever since I was dating my husband… (14 years in the making, give or take a few months)

31. consider myself to be a very good listener & an even better talker.

32. would rather get my info. first hand. Thus, I don’t rely on gossip. I figure, whoever gossips to me, gossips about me.

33. utterly hate envy. I usually don’t feel it towards people (i’m not saying that I have never). But for some reason I despise it the most when it’s aimed at me.

34. love to talk. There are few things that I love more than this.

35. am very proud & absolutely love my latin heritage.

36. am an ambivert. My extraversion & my introversion are split down to the middle. As much as I enjoy my time with friends & fam, I also enjoy my time of solitude.

37. love Jesus.

38. passionately like to wear jeans, flip-flops & hoodies. I root for very comfortable clothes.

39. am terrified of getting on airplanes. I often take pills (much to my dislike) & pray to calm myself down.

40. am enamoured of my children’s smile. It makes me have an unexplainable & amazing feeling.

41. have a passion for watching certain movies, programs, video games, etc. with just my brother.

42. remember my dreams every single day when I wake up in the morning.

43. am a big fan of accountability. I always most of the time say something only when I mean it.

44. have my own simple, well established sense of style.

45. am a bit of a procrastinator. Something I’ll work on next week.

46. dislike seafood. Love italian & mexican.

47. absolutely love to speak in public.

48. wanted a daughter & a son in the order that I got them.

49. strongly believe prayer is key.

50. like to give & be given firm handshakes.

51. admire sincere kindness & humility, above all else, in a person.

52. can write with my both hands (ambidextrous).

So there you have it. I gave you my true colors. There is a lot more though…

I’m a HUGE fan of (not necessarily famous) people’s biographies, I feel I learn a great deal from them. Hope you’ve connected with some of my personal facts.

“For you formed my inward parts; you knitted me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well. My frame was not hidden from you, when I was being made in secret, intricately woven in the depths of the earth.”- Psalm 139:13-15

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  1. Melissa says:

    Sure thing… Wonderful idea!! 🙂

  2. R.García says:

    We must record this on camera, you reading it aloud, for the children . . . much love, R3

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