Back to the 80’s

“If I could have it over, live my life again, I wouldn’t change a single day”- Johnny Hates Jazz


It’s a secret to no one that I have a love affair with the glorious & infamous 1980’s decade. I decidedly won’t get into political history here. My focus about it is first & foremost what I remember & love about it nowadays. I did not care about many things back then which I now find utterly enticing. Pop culture in a nutshell.

I miss a time when…

… I could actually enjoy the Disney Channel’s programing … my only phone number was a landline … a band aid & a kiss from mom cured almost anything … “The Wonder Years” was how I learned about the ‘hard’ lessons in life … blackberry & apple were just fruits … there was less violence around … name brands did not end in dot com … I didn’t care how much I ate … I could see a kid fall down from his/her bike without a mother screaming like crazy … I watched cartoons like there was no tomorrow … sitting on the sidewalk with friends & neighbors drinking bottled soda & telling jokes was the highlight of my day …”The Mickey Mouse Club” was my favorite time in front of the tube … celebrating my birthday at a fast food restaurant was a dream come true … I didn’t waste time texting … I cried in my mother’s lap without feeling awkward … I didn’t care who I hung out with as long it was a kid … I could actually talk to people face to face (which is my favorite means of communication) … I thought playing video games in the arcade was cool … roller skating in a rink with friends was my favorite downtime …the list is endless.

I can’t help myself enough… it’s insane!!!! Love the music, the not so mainstream technology, the colors, the sounds, the food, the fashion – yes you read well: the fashion, hold the mullet – & above all the memories. I sometimes feel warped in a different time zone when I listen to its music, watch movies, TV shows, commercials, etc. The nostalgia becomes crazy at times. I sometimes wonder why I love it so much? It certainly has more to do with remembering my childhood & less to do with the actual vibe of the time. The truth of the matter is everything 80’s reminds me of a carefree time in my life. It takes me way back when in a nanosecond & I absolutely LOVE it (not that I don’t love my present life… I most certainly do!).

Remembering the 80s helps me see how uncomplicated things were (looking through the eyes of a child of course) & makes me want to truly enjoy the simple things in life. Children don’t need much to be happy. Much of what they need is our unconditional love & time. So I make it a point to pave the way for my kids to enjoy what I did have… an amazing childhood. A much simpler one than what passes around for childhood these days.

I’m not one to dismiss the benefits new technology has to offer. If anything it enables me to relive (free of charge) my 80’s rendezvous (thank heavens for youtube). But I try to parent in a way that technology will not overshadow the good stuff like good ol’ board games, for example. I think as parents we shouldn’t just focus on giving our children what we didn’t have when we were children, but on trying to provide the good things we did have, case in point: an actual childhood! I honestly don’t think that our noble attempt on making out of our children the best possible human beings ever made, should cram our kid’s schedule with a series of non stop activities, so they can hold up to the standards we never could. As Susan Powter would say: “Stop the insanity!!”

And I’m all for providing children with the best possible education money can buy & stimulating them to choose extracurricular activities, so long as they don’t feel overwhelmed. The problem arises if & when we are led by fear when enabling all those things to them. Fear of them never amounting to anything. Fear of them choosing a ‘bad’ career. Fear that they might be rejected. Fear that they may never achieve their full potential. Fear of them never truly finding themselves. The list goes on… And so we become obsessed.

“There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear. For fear has to do with punishment, and whoever fears has not been perfected in love.”- 1 John 4:18

I leave you with a song from the 80s (of course) which I absolutely love & fully picks up my sentiment over the passing of time… alluding childhood:

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