How I met my children

While in heaven I found myself surrounded by a multitude of childlike angelic beings, all dressed up in pearl-colored robes, singing harmonic carols in mellifluent voices. I went one by one trying to see if I recognized my children in them but to no avail, all I saw were similar looking faces. I asked God if I could pick a few of them to be my earthly children. He said no. I will pick them for you. I said to Him, “Surely you know better than I do what kind of children will best fit me.” He then gave me a gaze I’ll never forget & said, “What I know for sure is the kind of mother these children will need.” Then I woke up to find it was all a dream, yet felt so real… then I glanced at my sleeping children & sighed, “God could have not done a better job.”

– qualiaforlife

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