A love letter to myself

Love lettersDear Mel,

This is the first time I write you a letter, which makes me very excited. There are many reasons why I decided to write to you, like letting you know how much I value the time we spend together, which by the way, is a lot. I actually look forward everyday to spend quality time with you, like our much anticipated 5 AM yoga routine together is nothing short of amazing! Or the time we spend reading in our favorite corner sipping some nice hot beverage, few things top that! I also love spending time with your family & friends they seem very interesting people. Your kids are absolutely adorable.

We have spent 35 years together with our ups & downs. Yet, I manage to remember mainly the ups more than the downs. Do you remember the time when, try as I might, I couldn’t convince you about how pretty you are. I did my best trying to make you see your own beauty, but there was no use, you kept insisting that your mirror told you otherwise. I could see your beauty right through your heart, but you were short-sighted. I am so glad you are over that & now understand that the essence of physical beauty comes from the heart.

Remember that just a while ago we were not on speaking terms when you started criticizing yourself for not being perfect? You were not able to understand that perfection is not the point. You needn’t be perfect to be loved or happy. I don’t know were you got that from, really! But all this time I’ve come to respect your values, like the way you try to be fair with those around you. I commend you for how you’ve next to mastered the art of not taking things personal. I admire the way you try to make people special & worthy of your time. For you listening to people & opening your heart is an art form. Kudos my friend!

I absolutely cherish the moments we spend meditating & praying, all the while figuring out the world’s most grueling predicaments; you usually ask God to help you out with these, I absolutely agree. I appreciate the time you take from your busy schedule to spend time with me, mostly by ourselves. I owe you for this one!

I cringe every time I remember you thinking that you’re not good enough. How can that idea ever crossed your mind?! Remember when we had that long conversation & you came to the conclusion that your worthiness was, in fact, your birthright & not something you need to earn. Remember when I told you that the moment you need to prove your value to the people around you is the moment you have to reevaluate your environment or your self-acceptance. What a joyful moment it was when you realized that true love to others & by others starts from within yourself, God’s dwelling place. You were 13 I remember, which was about the same time you invited Jesus into your heart & never looked back.

selfloveI can still recall when you listened to Brené Brown’s famous TED talk about vulnerability & you said to me: “The hell with it, being vulnerable is the way to go! Instead of pretending to look powerful in front of people (who by the way will never buy that for a second) I choose to be myself & connect with them on a deeper & more authentic level by showing my true essence through vulnerability. People don’t relate to perfect, they relate to human”… long story short, you felt more understood & connected than ever before! Yaay!

You are a work in progress, just like everyone else, but overall I think you’re going to make it, I have faith in you. It has been a grueling process no less & it will continue through out life, because the minute you learn something you have to relearn it everytime you apply it. A very good example of this is when you understood that loving others by accepting them exactly the way they are – their mistakes, bad moods, short temper, etc – and not try to make them fulfil your ideal of them, specially with people hard to love, is a lifelong journey that will never end. But I’ve seen you reap the benefits of your constant efforts on self-improvement, which makes me so proud. I want you to know that I’ll always – and I mean always – have your back… literally. You are my best friend & will be for life, I wholeheartedly love you & accept you just the way you are, imperfections & all. Never lose that sparkle in your eyes & smile when you’re doing what you love & being with those you love, including me. Never erase those from your face, no matter what!

Yours truly,

Your Soul

P.S. I invite all my readers to write themselves a love letter, it is absolutely liberating & fun!

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