I am a mom because I have two children – the apples of my eye – as well as a wife because I am married to a good man & a born again Christian because I was saved by grace alone. My Lord is my leading light & the reason why all else makes sense to me. Jesus Christ is my savior/mentor/friend.

I am a writer because I write & observe and write what I observe. I write to figure things out. Whatever is intriguing me I write about it to find a reasonable explanation through my writing. The answers develop as I write. I am also a teacher because I teach. I like sharing my ideas with others in an attempt to make connections. I love to connect. Figuring life out is not an easy task. Writing makes it more sustainable to me. Writing is my way to straighten out my thoughts and put them to good use. I love words, they inspire, baffle and enlighten me every single day. Reading to me is like eating… three times a day if not more. When it comes to sharing my ideas I figure people needn’t be lectured anymore than they need to be reminded.

I strive to live by what I find out through my observations. If not I would be a hypocrite to others and worst of  all myself. And I hate hypocrisy. I am my very own custom made guinea pig in my attempts to experiment with the truth (sorry Gandhi you’re not the only game in town) through trial and error. Believe me there’s been more errors than I care to admit, but I’ve come to grips with feeling comfortable about it (I didn’t say happy), because there’s not a better teachable moment than a mistake. And I love to be taught.

But the head fake of my writing is that it’s meant for my children. It is my small piece of legacy to them.

If you want to share your ideas with me do it at: qualiaforlife@gmail.com

Much love,